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Complementary individual homeopathy in paediatric cancer care:

A case series from a University Hospital, Switzerland


•Oncologic patients benefit from integrative medicinal interventions. The range of the latter is broad and may include homeopathic care by a specialist.•There exists some evidence from pilot studies, that individualized homeopathy improves well-being in adult outpatient cancer patients.•This article reports for the first time on structured homeopathic consultations and interventions of hospitalized paediatric cancer patients.•Out of 10 years’ experience, four characteristic case histories of mucositis, permissive tissue infection, insomnia and affective dysfunctions respectively are presented and discussed.•They may sensitize paediatric oncologists for the scope of analogous additional treatment.


The Department of Haematology/Oncology at the University Children’s Hospital Bern (HONK), has adopted an integrative approach in addition to state of the art oncological care and implemented a collaboration with the Institute of Complementary Medicine IKOM, University of Bern, over the past 10 years. Stakeholder satisfaction with this service was high. We present descriptive data and report on 4 exemplary patients treated with additional individualized homeopathy (iHOM). Data concerning frequency of consultations, pathologies, follow-ups and clinical results were reviewed and summarized using descriptive statistics. 94 paediatric oncologic patients consulted for iHOM. Indications for the complementary treatment was wide-ranging. No interactions with conventional treatment and no adverse side-effects of iHOM were detected. We present four characteristic patient histories, in which iHOM was used in addition to standard treatment for mucositis, permissive tissue infection, insomnia and affective dysfunctions. All four patients clinically improved in an immediate temporal relationship to the additional treatment.

Conclusion The collaboration between HONK and IKOM established iHOM in paediatric oncology in Bern. In this setting, iHOM was a safe and supportive additional treatment for various indications during the conventional cancer care. However, no generalizable results can be deducted from these data. We emphasize future research on this topic.

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