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8 Ways You Get Great Results With Glyconutrients

1. Drink Pure Spring Water. As an absolute minimum, take your body weight

in lbs, divide by 2 & drink that many ounces of Pure Spring Water everyday

so that your cells get 'bathed' in a bath of Glyconutrients. For example a 120lb

woman would drink a minimum of 60 oz of pure spring water per day.

2. Consume Fiber. Using a high-quality 􀁹ber supplement or eating a diet very

high in 􀁹ber & in raw vegetables will enhance the results you get from your


3. Don't take glyconutrients of any kind on an empty stomach. Why? No, it

won't hurt you, but your body will burn it for energy. That is expensive

energy. Glyconutrients are best absorbed when mixed with food or stirred

into a drink.

4. Do not take 􀁹ber supplements within 1 hour of any other supplement.

5. Give Your Body Time to Start Healing. Most conditions develop gradually

over many years(or even decades). Just like getting sick, getting well takes

time. I have seen many people see no results until the 4th or even 6th month

on the discount glyconutrients. Why? It takes months(or even years) for your

body to replace sick cells with healthy ones. To learn more about this go to:

How soon should I expect to experience the effects of dietary supplements?

By Jane Ramberg, MS @ .

6. Enhance Your absorption of Glyconutrients. According to Dr. Milner you

can enhance your absorption of your discount glyconutrients by simply NOT

swallowing your them--instead, you do two easy things:

a. let them dissolve in your mouth, so that it is absorbed in the mouth, not in

the stomach (this takes about 1 minute). You do not need water to do this--

your saliva is more than suf􀁹cient.

b. take smaller amounts more often, like 1/8 or 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time,

through out the day, like every hour or two. I have started doing this myself,

and I recommend it to you.

(Dr. Martin Milner is the President and Medical Director of the National

College of Naturopathic Medicine, a Professor of Cardiology, and a research

scientist at the Center for Natural Medicine, Inc. Dr. Milner is also a man of

great humility and courage to have made a public "confession" and apology

in front of 6400 men and women at an international conference at the Dallas

Stadium in Texas in March of 2004. Dr. Milner publicly admitted, that for

SEVEN YEARS, he had ignored the Glyconutrient technology, and had

assumed that the passion many people had about it was based on hype and

misguided enthusiasm over nothing of real signifcance. After all, if it was

that signi􀁹cant, surely he would have known about it. He thanked God that

someone 􀁹nally got through to him--that when he actually took time to

investigate this new science and technology, he confessed that he had

MISSED one of the most signi􀁹cant discoveries of the century. Now Dr. Milner

is doing his best to make up for lost time by educating other doctors on this

amazing new technology, and of course has ALL his patients on this "edible

health insurance.")

7. Use ALL THREE of the basic products: Glyco-Antioxidant, Phytosterol, foodbased

vitamin. These three products represent four sciences that work

together synergistically, like the four wheels on a car work together:

- Cellular communication provided by the glyconutrients

- Anti-Oxidant protection from free radicals and "internal terrorists"

- Natural plant hormones provided by the phytosterol

There are actually diet rules out there that are meant to be broken?

- Essential vitamins and minerals in a food form state for maximum

assimilation provided by the food-based vitamin.

You wouldn't settle for just one or two tires would you? Don't settle for less

than what you need either!

8. Take Enough Glyconutrients to satisfy your body's need. Keep in mind that

the suggested serving size you see on the label of your glyconutrients

supplement bottle is a suggested minimum for young adults in "good"

health. If you are unsure what amount is right for you please contact your

representative. When buying glyconutrients, remember that a container

may not last you a even month if you have a health challenge.

Note: Legal Disclaimer: Glyconutrients are not intended to diagnose, treat,

cure or prevent any disease, but scienti􀁹c studies have been documented

linking the ingestion of certain food nutrients, and the prevention of chronic

disease. The information given is not intended to be a substitute for a

physician's proven care & advice.

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